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Which are the alternatives, with this new relation between art and urban development, for intervention projects in metropolises undergoing global restructuring process? These projects are turned toward vast areas, extraordinary complex and dynamic, inform, excluded from urban development processes. They may point to alternatives to the occupation, by real estate development megaprojects that promote densification and structuration, of areas today disinvested. Indicating programs according to the dynamic indetermination of these interstitial territories. Proposals of configurations and infrastructure use that intensify and diversify the metropolitan articulations.
At an age of massive private investments in urban space, intervention projects could integrate a new standard of public policies. A counterpoint to development and revitalization programs, based in general in investments in traditional and consolidated spaces. Projects providing a critical and experimental repertoire, that planning practice don’t possess. Interventions capable to potentialize urban situations, works operating the existing drawing of the city and the dominant economic and social interests. A possibility to introduce new urban strategies.

How the selection of intervention situations could indicate this direction? This procedure cannot ignore this increasing complexity, produced by the current restructuring process of the metropolises and by the proliferation of performance strategies in urban space. Each chosen situation contains not only its concrete space pattern as has to be articulated in metropolitan and global scales, where it discloses the mutations in the occupation, uses and connections of these places. Important social, economic, institutional and political dimensions, but not always spatially visible.

The strategies to elect these situations have therefore to consider the processes that currently configure the cities. The relations of proximity and distance, the differences and intervals, between the locations in the restructured space of the global metropolis. The continuous rearticulations between elements and different dynamics, demanding an overlapping of distinct scales in the conformation of these complex situations.

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