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schie 2.0 + urban fabric

Av. Rangel Pestana configures a peculiar situation in the East Zone metropolitan restructuring process. Articulation axle between Parque D. Pedro and Largo da Concordia, the avenue still keeps the remains of what it was the core of the region urban organization and social life.

The remaining residential constructions, the church and some restaurants allude to the old immigrants quarter. But the immense Cine Piratininga, today partially demolished and converted into a parking lot, sends to the period when the city started to develop and the region was transformed into an important commerce and leisure center.

The East Zone metropolitan scale reconfiguration converted this avenue into a traffic corridor for local commerce, now specialized (inks, wood and hardware). The construction of a large viaduct over the railway tracks divided the area, leaving Largo da Concordia and Roosevelt station on the other side.

The disruption of these places articulation points to the disappearance of public spaces and local ways of life. Av. Rangel Pestana seems to condense this process, referring to the old local pattern as much as to the metropolitan spatial structure.