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Design Research

Arte/Cidade is developing a process of design research on São Paulo - east zone. From diverse preparatory research (data-collecting, mapping and conceptual analysis of the space patterns generated by the cities global integration) and of the intervention proposals developed by the participant artists and architects, Arte/Cidade considers to present the extremely complex and dynamic processes that determine the region, to a large extent imperceptible to individual experience, to local vision.

How to apprehend the diverse modes of the area urban structuring, the intense process of disinvestment, the old revitalization policies and the new development projects promoted by the international financial capital? The informal activities and occupation modes that escape the structuring devices of the large new service and habitation enclaves, producing fluid and mutants spaces. The effect and potentialities of infra-structural systems implantation. The crisis of the urban space provoked by the corporative appropriation and the bankruptcy of public administration. The interstitial terrains capable to shelter programmatical, architectural and aesthetical alternatives to the dominant processes in the city and art.

To introduce procedures and techniques _ specially diagrams and composite maps _ that allow apprehending the multiple possible space configurations produced by the insertion of São Paulo among the global cities. Design research as device of inquiry, invention and technique, with paradigms based on fields of forces. The space understood as a complex configuration, where vectors and articulations in permanent mutation substitute the rigid forms and limits. Diagrams that allow to the appearance of flexible fields of relations, the action of contingent events and the development of diversity.

A device that, presented in displays, website and catalogues, will contribute for the reading of the situations and intervention projects, for the perception of its relations with large-scale processes, guiding the public visitation of Arte/Cidade.


design research

concept urban situations scale interventions research arte/cidade - zona leste