concept urban situations scale interventions research arte/cidade - zona leste Largo da Concórdia

ateliê van lieshout
maurício dias e
walter riedweg

Old square of Brás, Largo da Concordia was, in the beginning of the XIX century, the only square in the quarter. Today is, during the day, one of the city densest places: it is close to Brás/Roosevelt station, one of main intersections of the city transport systems. The square configures a representative situation of the circulation system of the region, based on the east and southeast radial axles, where train, subway and large avenues are overlapped.

In the square and adjacencies a complex structure of ambulant commerce is installed, servicing the great amount of pedestrians, with peddlers tents occupying massively the whole area. In the neighborhoods, there is an informal road station, for people coming in buses to shopping in the region, mainly clothes.